Women in Engineering

In Myanmar

  1. In many of Myanmar’s engineering jobs, about 42% of those are female workers.
  2. Those female engineers are working for the country’s politics, livelihood, social skills and other development jobs.
  3. For upgrading the performance of women engineers and nurturing the new generation young women engineers to become the international standard engineers, Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies (Fed.MES) launched the Women Engineers Chapter on 2nd April 2013.
  4. Women Engineers Chapter is organized with the teachers from Technical Universities, women engineers from ministries, government sectors and different private engineering fields.
  5. As the Women Engineers Chapter, arranging the technical seminars, managing the trainings and field trips for young women engineers in order to become responsible and successful women engineers in future. Donating the disaster affected areas, attending and participating the national and international technical workshops, forums related with women engineers, as well as celebrating the honorable ceremony of International Women’s Day and International Women in Engineering Day, has been conducting leading by the Women Engineers Chapter.
  6. Now Women Engineers Chapter is involved as a member of not only women engineers group in ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations but also International Network of Women Engineers and Scientist and Women in Engineering Committee of World Federation of Engineering Organizations by the support of Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies.
  7. The First Myanmar Women Engineers Summit is celebrated with the aim to improve the women engineer standard, to cooperate more effectively among women engineers and to develop a new generation of women engineers.
  8. Women engineers are not only professionals but also ladies with the lamps who are trying to bring the peace and happiness to their own families.
  9. By upgrading the strong abilities of women engineers, they can perform as great united force in future developing activities of the country.

WFEO Committee on Women in Engineering

4th March, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I send you this goodwill message today 4th of March 2020 – the 1st World Engineering Day !. The world has finally recognised the importance of engineers in society. The world realises that without the contributions of engineers, there is no development! Engineers are being celebrated as a body, in unison, all over the world!

As female engineers in STEM and Tech, it is also an opportunity for the world to know that we are contributors to the development of nations. When we are included in teams, we bring diversity and innovation to the table. Women have indeed made huge strides in the past 20-30 years – more women in boardrooms, governance, politics and influence decision-making. However, there is a need for more, in order to achieve gender equality. All girls and women have a right to education, healthcare and decent work, and should not be subjugated. The UN affirms this and states unequivocally that “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.”

The Women in Engineering Committee of World Federation Engineering Organisations is committed to making an impact on the achievement of the goals with an emphasis on SDG 5- Gender Equality. One of our strategic themes is to overlay the importance of engineering and females on each SDG to highlight our importance and how females in engineering and STEM can contribute to the achievement of each goal. This can not be achieved without availability of quality data on the number of women qualifying as engineers, working in engineering sector and gaining professional status as registered engineers, on global level. Therefore, there is an increased need on statistical data and highlighted gaps in data quality as geared towards theme 3-Engineering Strategic Indicators of the Committee.

It is our hope that you all will join us as we embark on the journey of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. My home female organisation (ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL WOMEN ENGINEERS OF NIGERIA-APWEN) will be celebrating International Women’s Day on the 12th of March in Abuja and you all are cordially invited.

Happy World Engineering Day, Ladies and Gentlemen !

Best regards,

Yetunde Holloway
Chair of the WFEO Committee on Women in Engineering