Posters and Videos from Young

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has adopted the resolution to proclaim March 4th of every year the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development at its 40th session of general conference in November 2019.

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development will be celebrated on March 4th every year as a UNESCO international day of celebration of engineers and engineering.

As a part of the global celebration, WED Design Contest provides a platform for all young interested in engineering and design to show their creativity and talents. It is aimed to collect the stories of engineering around us, to encourage more people, especially young people and women, to take engineer as a career, to raise public awareness and understanding of the role of engineering in modern life and to enlarge popularity and influence of WED, to promote the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The contest includes two groups: poster design group and short video design group. There are more than one hundred submissions in total. Here are the excellent works for your appreciation.

In China

Poster Group

Guanyi GAO: An IDea SuStains Forever

The key words that I chose were “Small Island Developing States” and “sustainable development”. The main element on the poster is a large tree, which the canopy is composed of the maps of 52 small island developing states, and the trunk and roots contain circuit boards, gears, new project icons et al. “An IDea SuStains forever” originates from the famous advertisement “A diamond lasts forever”, and as the capitals among them, SIDS is an abbreviation for Small Island Developing States. It means that engineering technology just like the roots and trunk, that are necessary for the SIDS, a good technology idea lead us to prosper future, like a leafy tree.

Hetiantian YE: Build the World

The main image of the poster is March 4, the date of “world engineering day”. Around this main image, multiple visual elements are used to reflect housing, road transportation, water, energy and other aspects, emphasizing the important role of Engineering in these aspects. The colors are simple and bright blue and yellow color combinations, the blue numbers symbolize the preciseness and scientificity of the engineering, and orange and yellow colors symbolize the power of sustainable development. The modeling method adopts flat processing, and inlays each element of the theme in the number.

This poster design allows the audience to intuitively understand the date of world engineering day and the purpose of setting up the engineering day.

Hongxin Zhang & Yutong Zhou: Our Peaceful World Our Engineering World

The overall graphic meaning is “The gear drives the earth to turn, the engineering project opens the new horizon”. The whole picture is presented in the form of an “eye”, which simplifies the concrete engineering image and highlights the integrity. In the new era, engineering perspective is of great significance to world peace, stability and development.

Shaoyuan YANG & Jingchen CUI: Sustain the Development

This poster takes world engineering day as the theme and combines the keywords of sustainable development. The poster consists of tall buildings, world engineering day signs and slogans. The poster symbolizes the project with the tall building, with green as the main color to represent sustainable development, and in the center of the poster with the introduction and purpose of sustainable development. This work shows the relationship between engineering and sustainable development. Elements such as high-rise buildings and cars are close to people’s life, making people realize that sustainable development is closely related to our life. Combined with the slogan, it advocates people to start from small things and contribute to sustainable development together. In addition, population, environment and production are the basic constraints of human existence today, and the project construction of human settlement environment in the context of sustainable development presented in this work is conducive to the comprehensive balance of the three major problems, which is the core idea of sustainable development, and also the development concept of mankind towards the 21st century.

Sulei ZHAO: Building the World

“Building the World” design ideas: The hand that builds the building blocks represents the hand of the engineer. It builds the foundation of people’s good lives and creates the unlimited possibilities for the sustainable development of thousands of beautiful things in the world. A total of 17 blocks of different colors represent 17 sustainable development goals. Each block has a meaning and value. As the 17 Sustainable Development Goals say: End all forms of poverty worldwide; End hunger; Ensure healthy lifestyles; Gender equality; Sustainable development of marine resources; Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and many more. Without the planning and design of engineering, there will be no long-lasting happy life for us. This shows that the core role of engineers and engineering in sustainable development.

Sijia LIU: Foundation

The bottom half of the poster consists mainly of the acronym for World Engineering Day, which supports the structure of the top half and 17 sustainable development goals, and the overall tone of the poster is khaki, which indicates the foundations in civil engineering. It reflects the fundamental role of World Engineering Day and engineering in achieving the sustainable development goals. The time and status of WED are pointed out at the right bottom.

The top half is divided by darker lines. The left side is similar to a half of a dress, which represent women and young engineers. The right side is similar to the outline of the African continent, which represent Africa and the developing world. The whole reflects the close relationship between engineers and the development of developing countries. The lines are arranged along the letters in a step shape, which feels like climbing up. It reflects the importance of engineering to the development of the world.

Yingfeng PENG: Cave

The work uses a metaphorical approach to portray the meaning of engineering (cave) by portraying scenes of ants working together in a cave. Ants symbolize human beings, and caves symbolize engineering (home). Caves are a huge project for ants and need the teamwork of each other to complete.

Some ants in the cave are constructing the channel, which reflects the construction process of the project; some ants are carrying materials, which reflects the role of the project (storage). Keywords: “March 4th” and “WED” are embodied in the form of cave passages. The main color is black, which reflects the massiness of the project; the auxiliary green color, represents resources and recycling, sustainable development; the auxiliary color two – orange, represents energy and vitality.

Yibing CHEN: WED

The theme of world engineering day is to love the earth and work together to make the world better. The poster design contains the heavy “WED” word pattern, which reflects the importance and vastness of world engineering. The earth pattern is in the middle of the letters, showing the selfless dedication of the engineers to create a colorful world. Surrounding buildings, construction, water, spacecraft and aircraft elements correspond to the important role of engineering in food, housing, transportation, water, and energy management. The earth is our home. I hope this design can arouse the people of the world to care about the earth, respect life, love peace, build the world project together and make the world for the better.

Jie CHEN: The Creator

The works overlap each other through straight lines and curves, Imitating engineering drawings ,forming world-famous ancient and modern buildings with abstract and geometric forms. Such as the Great Wall, Pyramid, Acropolis Roman Column, Sailing Hotel, Glass Pyramid, Bay Bridge, etc. This means that great buildings from ancient times to the present is inseparable from engineers. The design of this poster has modern sense, geometric decoration, and with profound meaning. For Saluting world’s engineers, the poster uses the colors of World Engineering Day logo.

Video Group

Yuying SONG: A Message from World Engineering Day

The video begins with the reception of a message from World Engineering Day (3s), which introduces public confusion, that is, what is engineering, to start the video. The two writing and typing clips represent the efforts of the engineers (13s). The following four clips represent the application of engineering in different times and the relationship between engineering and people. The moment when the robotic arm and human finger touched mimicked Adam and God in Michelangelo’s “Genesis”, implying that human create and utilize engineering (22s). The video then points out the interdisciplinary nature of engineering and its positive significance to reality (24s). The video uses photos in different regions (29s) and gestures done by people with different skin colors (30s) to express that engineering is everywhere, and it is needed by everyone. Then, the video shows the dates and goals of World Engineering Day (39s). Finally, the video summarizes the significance of engineering for society, nature, and the future. Everyone is involved and everything is connected to engineering (58s). Here, a quick animation effect is applied to show the broad range of engineering and our close relationship with it. In the end, the video returns to a more macro perspective, ending in a cityscape and beautiful light. There seems to be a bright future waiting for us to discover.

Xinyu YAN: For a Better World

To improve the public project in the role and significance of modern life, this is the first by showing meet modern normal life of the project, to make people realize that engineering is not far-fetched, it constructs the material system of our lives, to meet people in the house, travel, transportation demand and then show to achieve “zero hunger” and “sustainable development” has built these two purposes, for example, mechanized farm, hydropower, wind power generator, solar cells. And then there are some famous engineers, they come from different fields, different countries, they have different skin color, different gender. This is to let more people to engineer as their career choice.

Jianyue HUANG & Huihong HUANG & Senyu ZHANG: Mountain and Sea

An ecological engineering and a girl who wants to be an engineer. With the story of a girl wanting to be an engineer, the project she participated in, Xiamen Mountain and Sea Health Footpath, is introduced. The main body shows the general situation of mountain sea footpath and its roles in transportation, people, ecology, tourism and other aspects. Finally, it ends with a dialogue between the girl and herself as a child. The girl is a fictional character, perhaps a real one —— every ordinary woman who participated in the project or wants to be an engineer.