2020 Global Engineer Survey Results

Global Engineer Survey set out to explore the future of engineering—such as daunting global challenges, our ability to solve these challenges, factors that might limit our ability, and what might be the next big frontier in engineering, organized by Discover E in collaboration with WFEO. 

10,077 Engineers from 119 Countries Have Spoken…With the right support, 18-24 year old engineers, technicians and technologists are the most optimistic that they can solve global challenges.

Top four global challenge for engineers in the next 25 years:

The #1 factor necessary to solve global challenges is more support from government and policy makers.

96% of engineers say that volunteering with primary and secondary students to introduce them to engineering is important.

Want to see more results? Download:

1.  The Survey Results Infographic

2.  The Executive Summary of the 2020 Global Engineer Survey Results